Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two for Tuesday!

Time for Two for Tuesday! Can you believe it is the last Tuesday of July, already?!?

The two products I am putting on sale today for 50% are below.


This product went through a major revision!  It not only includes panda specific pages, but also pages for any animal research! I felt this would make the product more versatile for classroom use. In the first part, I included a quick convergent thinking activity to get students thinking. Four animals. Four clues. Guess my favorite! This activity can easily be adapted for other subject areas. Even students can create the template and then have them share with the class.

The second part focuses on learning through observation. The Panda/Animal Observation Journal is designed to supplement a unit of study on animals to show students how they can learn about animals through observation. One way to observe animals is through photos. To record their observations, students fill out the Photo Finish organizer. This organizer can be used with any photo for any subject! 

After looking at photos, the second part of the observation journal focuses on students observing animals via a webcam. Webcams are a way to bring the world into the classroom virtually. Simply search panda/animal webcams online, and you can see how amazing they are! Check out the panda webcam at the San Diego Zoo by clicking here.  Check out other animal cams at the National Zoo by clicking here.

The Panda/Animal Research Journal can be used during an animal study or a research unit. Different organizers and templates are included for students to record their information. Different organizers and templates are included. Pick and choose which work best for your students. As a synthesis piece of their research there is a sense poem template for students to complete from the point of view of the animal they researched. Check out this product here.

And my second product featured for Two for Tuesday is a REAL DEAL.


Grouping Cards & Clock Partners is a product that has three different ways to group students into partners or triads. Included in this product are Partner Duo Cards, Triad Grouping Cards, and Clock Partners. A quick and easy way to group students. These might come in handy with the beginning of the year and all those Get to Know You and Building Community activities. Take a closer look at the product here.

If you stop over at The Teaching Tribune you will find more deals!

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