Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trick or Treat Blog Hop

Hello, friends! Welcome to the Trick or Treat Blog Hop hosted by The Classroom Game Nook. You will find some great "tricks" and "treats" along the hop. The hop starts on October 24 and ends on October 31!

Tricks of the Trade #1: Have you ever walked into your classroom after spending time hanging posters and anchor charts on the wall to find them spewed across the floor the very next day?!?! I have tried Blue Sticky Tack, duct tape, hot glue. I.have.tried.EVERYTHING! Then Mavalus Tape came into my life. It is SIMPLY amazing! I purchased my roll of tape from a teacher supply store. It has made hanging items on my brick walls a breeze!

Tricks of the Trade #2: Using screenshots is an effective way for students to have accountability while using technology. Check out this web based whiteboard: This is a creative way to use technology to have students show footprints of thinking. Use this tool to have students show conceptual understanding in math or make quick sketches to represent thinking. There are other whiteboard tools that students can use online in a similar manner. Have students use interactive math games online to review math skills and then screenshot scores/performance. In this way, an accountability piece is embedded in to help provide feedback regarding performance. High scores area  signal that students have grasped the concept. Low scores are a signal for possible remediation of skills.

Check out Hot Chocolate Delight Roll-a-Cube. Roll-a-cubes are a quick way to hook students while recycling some key literacy and language skills.

Create some Roll-a-Cubes and let your students' creative juices start to flow! Review the skills necessary to complete the tasks on an anchor mat. This is a great little tool for students to keep in their folders throughout the year to review important terms.

Hot Chocolate Delight Roll-a-Cube will get the creative juices of your students flowing!

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