Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Two for Tuesday and Happy Flag Day

Happy Tuesday everybody! Hope you are all enjoying some fun summer days. Today is Two for Tuesday hosted by Chalk Up One for the Teacher.

Take a look at what two deals you can find today, June 14, 2016, at Pam's Place. Both products 50% for today only.

Measurement Anchor Mats can be used by students to organize and record key information. These anchor mats can be used with the customary system of measurement and/or the metric system of measurement. Anchor mats are an effective reference tool for students to use throughout the year. Length, mass, time, capacity, and temperature are all included in this download. Check it out. Click on the image below.


Perimeter, Area, Volume...Oh, my! poke and check cards and anchor mats are included to help review these concepts. The 20 Poke and Check cards have statements or phrases on them which students then have to decide if they relate to perimeter, area, or volume. The content on the cards includes units of measure, examples, definitions, and how to calculate. Check it on. Click out the image below.

Thank you for stopping by Pam's Place. Happy Flag Day to all! Be sure to visit Chalk One Up for the Teacher to see what other deals are available. You also can search #2forTuesday on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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